Sedation Dentistry

Do you feel nervous about visiting the dentist? Many people share this sentiment, whether it is fear of pain, fear of what the dentist will find or the financial implications of a dental visit.These emotions are common place, which is why our team at Belterra Dental work hard to minimize dental anxiety in order to help you have a smooth and comfortable appointment.

If you have dental anxiety, or a previous traumatic experience, we encourage you to share your experiences with us so we can offer you aides to keep you comfortable during your appointment. In addition to our friendly staff, we offer blankets, headphones, Netflix, as well as music. Furthermore we also offer:

Oral Sedation

Oral sedation is sometimes referred to as “relaxed” or “anxiety -free” dentistry. Oral Sedation allows a trained dentist to administer medicine that  is taken either orally or sublingually (under the tongue).  Each oral sedation medicine is administered to a patient’s specific medical and dental needs.Oral sedation allows patients to become more at ease and removes the anxiety of undergoing dental procedures.


Nitrous Oxide

Nitrous oxide is a safe and effective sedative agent that is mixed with oxygen and inhaled through a small mask that fits over your nose to help you relax.

Nitrous oxide, sometimes called “laughing gas,” is one option your dentist may offer to help make you more comfortable during certain procedures. It is not intended to put you to sleep. You will be able to hear and respond to any requests or directions the dentist may have. Your dentist will ask you to breathe normally through your nose, and within a few short minutes you should start to feel the effects of the nitrous oxide. You may feel light-headed or a tingling in your arms and legs. Some people say their arms and legs feel heavy. Ultimately, you should feel calm and comfortable. The effects of nitrous oxide wear off soon after the mask is removed.

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