We know how stressful it can be to see the dentist. Sedation dentistry empowers patients to receive the dental care they need in a calm, and relaxed state of mind. At Belterra Dental, we are proud to offer sedation dentistry to help our patients unwind during their dental visit. We offer different sedation options, depending on the level of anxiety.

Safety is our number one priority. Before starting any procedure, our doctors carefully review your medical history. Once you are cleared for the sedation appointment, you are sent a sedation package, which goes over pre op and post op instructions.  During all sedation appointments, your vital signs, such as heart rate, oxygen saturation, and blood pressure are continually monitored. Furthermore, our doctors and staff are fully trained in monitoring sedation patients.



IV Sedation

IV sedation is typically offered for patients with moderate to severe dental anxiety. Before your IV sedation appointment, your doctor will go over your health history in detail to make sure you are a good candidate for this procedure. We will then send you our pre-op and post op instructions before your appointment. Once you come in for your IV sedation appointment, your doctor will start the procedure by administering medicine intravenously, or directly into your bloodstream; this will quickly help you drift into a dream-like state. During the procedure you will be fully conscious, but your memory of your dental appointment will likely be fuzzy. It will feel like you were in and out of the office in a flash.

Oral Conscious Sedation

If you have mild to moderate anxiety, oral sedation is typically a good option for you. Based on your medical history, your doctor will give you a prescription for an oral medicine that you will pickup at the pharmacy. You will then take the medicine orally, typically 1 hour before your appointment. During the appointment, you will be fully awake, but the medicine will help keep you calm and relaxed. In addition, the doctor may decide to also administer Nitrous oxide, or laughing gas during the visit. The combination of the oral medicine and nitrous oxide creates a synergistic effect to increase the relaxed state you will be in.

Nitrous Oxide (Laughing Gas)

Nitrous oxide, or laughing gas, is used to help decrease mild dental anxiety. It is administered by inhaling the gas through your lungs during the visit. It is very safe and the effects of the gas are completely reversed with 100% oxygen after the dental procedure is complete. Once Nitrous Oxide is administered you should feel a sense of weightlessness and calm during your dental appointment. You will not need a chaperone or driver to take you home after your appointment. This is the most cost effective and least invasive method to decrease dental anxiety.

We also offer headphones and ceiling mounted TVs to watch Netflix and listen to Pandora during all dental appointments. This helps you catch up on your favorite show or sit back and listen to your favorite artist while your dental visit just flies by.

The cost of sedation dentistry varies depending on the type of sedation you receive. Typically, IV sedation is the most expensive; oral conscious sedation is less expensive, and nitrous oxide is the most cost effective. Sedation is typically not covered by dental insurance, however we are currently offering a discounted price for IV sedation. Please click here for our current rate.

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