Root Canals

For many patients the word “root canal” elicits a series of emotions that generally consist of “anxiety, nervousness, pain, and expense”. The truth is that a properly planned root canal should not cause pain. Some root canal procedures can be lengthy and maybe split into two appointments, however at Belterra, your comfort during procedures is our top priority. The good news is that when a dentist recommends a root canal for your tooth that means you have the ability to save the tooth instead of having it removed and replaced. Secondly, you’re likely in pain or have an infection; a root canal will get you feeling better and back on track to optimal health.

Now, you may find yourself asking “why can’t I get a simple filling instead?” Usually cavities will start out on the outer surface of a tooth and slowly make their way to the center of the tooth, where the nerve(pulp) lives. Once the cavity gets close to the nerve, pain receptors get activated and the tooth starts to hurt. If this is not addressed, bacteria will penetrate through the nerve and eventually cause an infection spreading from the pulp into the jaw bone. Simply put, a root canal is the complete removal of the pulp(nerve chamber) of the tooth, with a long filling placed into the nerve canal. Once the nerve of the tooth is removed, typically the pain goes away. To learn more about root canals


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