Dentist Dentures are a removable prosthesis that can restore the ability to eat and smile. When patients have several missing teeth, loose teeth or painful teeth it can become difficult to eat, chew food and enjoy life. Food is the source of nutrition for our body and a smile is nutrition for the mind. A healthy smile is important for overall well-being and confidence.

Additionally, when the facial muscles around our mouth are not supported by teeth, they tend to sag and are exacerbated by the pull of gravity. Dentures restore the support that muscles require for a youthful smile and facial profile. Affordable dentures can be made to resemble your natural smile and in some cases even improve your natural smile. For more information on dentures please


Partial Dentures

Removable partial dentures are another great option for replacing missing teeth. This optionis generally recommended if a patient is missing more than 1-2 teeth. Sometimes referred to as an “RPD” or a “flipper”, this option restores function and esthetics for a patient. As the name implies, this is a removable partial that comes in and out of your mouth and is not cemented to any teeth. It is recommended to leave your partial out of the mouth at night before going to bed. It is also very important to remove and clean your partial after meals as food has tendency to get between partial. The process of making a RPD involves taking  good quality impressions(molds) of your teeth and fitting a partial around your existing teeth which may take up to 3 visits.  If you would like more information on RPD’s please


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