Dental Crowns

If one or more of your teeth are recommended for dental crowns, you may find yourself wondering “why can’t I get a simple filling?” Many people have the same question. There are several reasons why a crown may be recommended. One of the most common ones is due to a multi-surface (large) filling.

When we have large fillings on a tooth,  normal biting may cause vertical forces to go down the tooth and lead to tooth fracture. To prevent your tooth or existing filling from fracturing, a tooth crown is placed to fully cover, strengthen and stabilize your tooth. For more information on crowns, please contact us today!


You might be asking yourself “Is a dental crown procedure painful?”, “How much do tooth crowns cost?”. These are popular questions and we understand why this is a concern for our dental patients. So what’s to expect from a dental crown procedure? Typically, this procedure is broken down into two separate dentist visits. In the first visit, we will prepare your tooth or teeth for the permanent crown and create a temporary crown. Furthermore this involves examining the tooth to make sure that it can support a crown and filling the tooth.

After creating a mold and succeeding the appropriate tooth shape, we will send the mold to a dental lab where the actual dental crown will be created. Once the dental crown has been created, then your second visit will arrive. This is where your custom permanent tooth crown will be placed and the procedure will take place. As a result you may feel a bit of discomfort, as your mouth gets used to the permanent crown. While time goes by, your tooth or teeth should feel very normal as if the procedure never happened.

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