Mouth Guards

If you’re sports fan, it is quite common to see athletes wear mouth guards or a athletic guard. More recently, if you watched the 2017 NBA play offs, you may have seen Isaiah Thomas from the Boston Celtics get elbowed during a game against the Washington Wizards.

Isaiah Thomas lost his front tooth after he was accidentally elbowed during the game. Had he been wearing a mouth guard, his teeth would have been better protected and he may have been able to save his front tooth. Clearly, an athletic guard during contact sports is very important for protection of teeth, jaw and bone around the mouth.

What happened to Isaiah is the reality of many contact sports and displays the risks of not wearing a mouthguard. In order to minimize risk of avulsed, fractured teeth, and in some cases fractured bone and jaw, athletic guards are recommended for players in contact sports. A custom mouthguard is created by taking an impression of your teeth and bite.

Usually, a mouth guard is placed on your top teeth as your top teeth are more prone to fractures and accidents. For more information on mouth guards,


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