White Teeth Fillings

In the presence of food (mainly sugar), bacteria(caries) starts to eat away at the first layer of tooth structure called the enamel. Once the bacteria makes its way through the enamel, it gets into the middle layer of the tooth called the Dentin. Dentin is a much softer part of the tooth compared to enamel, therefore, bacteria eats away at dentin at a much faster pace. A cavity is formed once the bacteria(caries) gets into the dentin layer, at which point a dental filling is needed. The process of removing and cleaning bacteria from tooth structure(enamel and dentin) and replacing it with a dental, biocompatible material (dental restoration) is known as a filling. There are multiple types of filling(restorative) materials, the most common is a resin composite filling that is commonly known as a “tooth-colored or white” filling.

Teeth fillings prevent bacteria and cavities from going further into the tooth structure and causing pain. The deepest layer of tooth structure is the pulp, which is the nerve of the tooth. When a cavity reaches the pulp, it starts to cause tooth pain, fillings are generally done before bacteria reach the pulp (nerve). To get more information on fillings please


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