Teeth Whitening & Deep Cleaning

In-Office Teeth Whitening

Professional teeth whitening at Belterra Dental in Austin gets you the best results in the shortest amount of time. Our In-house teeth whitening is a 2-hour appointment. Therefore, we encourage you to pick your favorite TV show to watch on Netflix or listen to your favorite playlist to make your appointment a breeze.

First, we will polish your teeth in order to remove any plaque build-up and make sure your teeth are clean. After, your gum tissues will be isolated so that the bleach is constricted to teeth surfaces. Once your gums are effectively isolated, we place prescription strength hydrogen peroxide gel combined with a desensitizing agent. This gel is left on to do its whitening magic for 15-20 minutes. This cycle is repeated 2-3 times depending on your level of sensitivity. One of our trained professional staff will be by your side while your teeth bleach. After 2-3 sessions of hydrogen peroxide teeth whitening treatment, a desensitizing agent is placed on your teeth and you will have newly whitened teeth.

It's important to keep in mind that everyone’s teeth have different abilities to take in the bleaching agent. Therefore, there is no predictable way to determine the level at which your teeth will bleach. With that being said, we expect to see your teeth lighten by at least 2-3 shades in comparison to your original tooth shade. After your procedure, your teeth will continue to whiten for up to a week. Therefore, it's important to stay away from foods that stain your teeth for the first week. Foods such as coffee, tea, tomato sauces, and foods that contain food coloring are highly discouraged in the first week.

In addition to the 2-hour teeth whitening procedure, you will also receive customized whitening trays to take home with 2 syringes of whitening gel. Home maintenance with whitening trays is important for the upkeep of your newly whitened shade. Additional whitening syringes can be purchased at the office as needed. Once you have custom whitening trays, you can use them for a lifetime to continue to maintain your new bleach shade!

Benefits of Professional Teeth Whitening:

1)    Gums are isolated meaning they wont burn, also bleach doesn’t get contaminated with saliva so it will work better

2)    We use prescription strength bleach, so the results are better than at home bleaching products.

3)    Its about a 2-hour procedure in the office and then youre done! Also, you get custom trays to maintain your shade at home

4)    We have ways to minimize sensitivity before, during and after the procedure.

Important Things to Know About Teeth Whitening:

  • Whitening does not weaken your enamel
  • Whitening may cause temporary sensitivity that is completely reversible
  • Results of whitening differ from person to person & theres no guarantee as to what shade of white your teeth will achieve
  • Whitening has to prescribed to you by dental professional: Whitening is not recommended for people with cavities, gum disease or poor oral health. Your dentist will work with you to get you to optimum oral health so you can receive whitening in the future.

Teeth Whitening in Austin & Dripping Springs

Belterra Dental offers the best teeth whitening in Austin, Texas. While our dental office is located in Austin, we offer professional teeth whitening treatment for patients in Dripping Springs, Cedar Valley, Oak Hill, Sunset Valley, and the surrounding Texas areas. To learn more about our teeth whitening or to schedule an appointment, please contact us today or give our office a call at (512) 646-4022.

Enjoy a Brighter Smile With Professional Teeth Whitening

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