Not only do crooked teeth or misaligned teeth look unsightly but they can also make the teeth cleaning process quite difficult. Research shows that teeth that cannot be cleaned properly can contract periodontal disease in the long run. This condition poses a major risk on the gums and can lead to both bone damage and tooth loss. One way of properly aligning the teeth is wearing teeth braces. However, traditional braces are far much more less attractive and many people find them uncomfortable and even painful to wear. For adults and teenagers, wearing them can be quite the embarrassment. Invisalign clear braces are just the perfect alternative. This modern solution comes with several advantages to it. let us have a look at some advantages:

·        Comfort-

Invisalign braces can be removed whenever necessary. Once any of our professional dentists at Belterra Dental attaches traditional metal braces to your teeth, they must remain in place until such a time when they will be professionally removed. This however is not the case with the Invisalign. These ones are removable and easily as such. If for any given reason the user would like to remove them briefly either to eat or drink, he/she can do so with lots of ease. There is absolutely no pain involved.

·        Appearance

With traditional solutions to crooked teeth, the appearance of your mouth can be significantly unattractive; as if it is filled with chunks of ugly metal. They are very conspicuous especially on an adult or a teenager for that matter. At times food can get caught in between them even without the users’ knowledge. Invisalign aligners look as though the user is not waring braces at all! They are conventionally more attractive and less conspicuous and a preference among many.

·        You know your expectation

With Invisalign clear braces, there are no surprises. These crooked teeth remedy is computerized all the way. This way, the user knows exactly what to expect and for how long they will be using the aligners. Traditional braces are more of a trial and error experience which gives no clear idea of what will happen eventually.

·        Shorter duration to achieve results

Invisalign teeth aligners will most definitely straighten your teeth much faster. With traditional braces, treatment can take even up to five years. Invisalign reviews have however proven that these perfect remedy takes a year or at most two to work its magic in straightening your teeth.

·        Safety

With Invisalign, you will reduce damage to your gums and teeth significantly. Conventional braces have wire and some protruding bits of metal that can dangerously scratch the insides of the users’ mouth. Invisalign clear braces are smooth and very comfortable. They do not have any sharp edges or protruding bits for that matter. Essentially, these modern braces reduce the damage which Is brought about by using the previous alternative.

·        Improved dental hygiene

A clean mouth is healthy; this goes without saying. Invisalign trays can be removed at any time and need not any professional Intervention. Whenever you’re ready to clean your teeth, simply remove the trays, brush or floss your teeth then put them right back in. what’s amazing is that the trays can be cleaned; this way, there is no buildup of plaque from food particles.

·        Timesaving

Invisalign aligners need only be maintained at least every six weeks, which means you spend less time at the Orthodontist. Metal braces on the other hand require you to schedule more appointments with your dentist and as earlier mentioned, for one to get that perfect smile it can take up to five years.

·        Results

With Invisalign, the results speak for themselves. Embarking on this journey will lead to you having impeccably straight teeth and an equally enviable smile. You can never go wrong with these investments.

Having looked at some major benefits of Invisalign, it begs the question, “how much is Invisalign?’’. A visit at Belterra Dental will provide you with Invisalign braces that are a convenient, fast, predictable not to mention affordable. For the whole procedure, it will cost you quite an average of 135$ on a monthly basis. Here, you expect results in three to twelve months with about fifteen visits to the dentist. The Invisalign cost is a bit higher than that of regular metal braces but you can be sure that it is an investment that is worthwhile given its numerous advantages. Invisalign is indeed an affordable solution at Belterra Dental since we have low monthly payments as well as other types of financial options if need be.